Virtual Reality

Ygdrasil is a programming language based on C++ used for creating networked, virtual environments. It's used for a number of artistic, scientific, and educational applications. Most of my VR projects are environment based, focusing on exploration and immersion.

VR Artist Statement
Roger's Virtual Mastery(tm) fools the senses and dazzles the eyes with engaging environments and low-poly absurdity. The universe he creates is at once comfortably natural and blatantly artificial. When he's not upgrading his Virtual Skills, Roger juggles the roles of composer, musician and web designer. In his spare time he builds electric guitars and occasionally sleeps.

My most recent project is called "Roger's Game of Life." It investigates the significance of material possessions on your mental and physical states--usually impeding both. As you play you take a journey through any number of lives from birth to death. Although it is modelled on the physical world it actually takes place in a mental realm. Your brain floats in front of you throughout the game and is constrained to your controller which is tracked in physical space; moving your controller moves your brain in the virtual space. As you navigate the world, following instructions and accomplishing tasks, objects you encounter gravitate toward your brain and orbit around it, following you wherever you go. It is almost impossible to escape them, and after some time it becomes very hard to see or navigate the world because you have a large, swirling mass of objects in front of you.

"Roger's Game of Life" is unfinished and I will probably be working on it for the rest of my life. I'm programming it to have multiple paths determined by your own actions within the world. Programming enough paths to make a simplified representation of the amount of possible paths in actual life is a lot of work. On top of that there is the task of making 3d models of all the places you may go and the objects you may encounter. If anyone would like to collaborate with me on this project contact me at rogerwakeman at hushmail dot com. I'm looking for 3d modellers mostly, becuase the amount of objects I need for this is ridiculous.


Hypnotic-o-nomicus steeps your consciousness in nostalgia for 60's lava lamps and 90's virtual reality craze. Drift through the gentle waves in a trance.

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