Oblivion Hacks

Hack 1

The view distance is as short as possible, NPCs (non-player-characters) glide along the ground in straight lines, the game time is in slow motion but jumping sends your character flying through the air at high speeds. When you activate an NPC to talk, instead of zooming into its face you look at the ground at its feet.

view hack1


This time I went for making a complete mess instead of retaining the high res capabilities of the game. The resolution is 640x480, there are no trees, the game time is faster, and there is no texture pass--pretty much all objects in the game are untextured. There are still the same debugging lines, boxes and such as well as low quality AI pathfinding. NPCs look like roman statues gliding around, sometimes in the ground up to their heads. The real fun starts when you make your way off of the map and into the territories normally blocked by an invisible bariier. Take a look at my dérive into the unkown!

hack2 not available