*Nsane consists of myself on guitar and some vocals, Billy Accomando on bass and some vocals, and Griffin Bach on drums and vocals. FUBAR is the original collection of *Nsane recordings. Thanks to the opportunity we had to record at Studio 222 we have a decent set of recordings that will preserve our songs even after we forget how to play them. If you only download three, get Antagonism, Funk Tea and Hobo Boogie.

Recorded at Studio 222
Mystic, CT
Engineered by Brent McCarty
Produced by *Nsane and Brent McCarty



4m 21s


4m 57s

Hobo Boogie



3m 13s

Mankey Part I

3m 48s

Mega Punch Squadron X

4m 7s

Weathered Man

3m 21s

Demo songs

Gordon's Lightswitch

4m 12s

Flight Of The Gazebo

4m 45s

Planet X

5m 26s