Music is my favorite thing to create. I've been playing music since I was five, writing since middle school and recording since high school. I have a taste for many styles and genres but gravitate towards anything that ROCKS.


The following list is not of my favorite bands, composers and musicians; these are the ones that have had a noticeable effect on my personal style. It's also not a "sounds like" list, which conotes a literal emulation; although all have had a significant impact on me, some are not as apparent. Lastly, this is both a favorites and "sounds like" as well as influences list because all of the following fit into at least two of those categories.

Frank Zappa, Yes, Dream Theater, John Petrucci, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Megadeth, Phish, Return to Forever, Chic Corea, Spinal Tap, John Zorn,Peter Brotzmann, Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse, Medeski, Martin and Wood and Ron Jarzombek