InterVillain is a number of Max/MSP patches that programmed to algorithmically generate pitch intervals while simultaneously graphing a visual representation of what it plays. InterFacade is a physical interface that allows a user to easily (albeit cryptically) adjust the algorithm and visual parameters to achieve different sonic and visual effects.

There is actually no specific algorithm at play, rather an adjustable number of different constraints and calculations that combined create anything from simple, repeating patterns to chaotic, intricate patterns.

I recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had InterVillain installed in the Undergraduate BFA show this past April. Check out the setup to the right.

I had my personal computer in the pedestal along with two small amplifiers that I hijacked from some old computer speakers. They were powering the much nicer looking, black, thrift store speakers you see on the wall. I also installed intake and outtake fans in the pedestal to keep the computer relatively cool.

Gallery goers were invited to play with the InterFacade and make their own music and images. They also had the option to save screenshots, a selection of which are pictured to the right.

Audio Samples

...just a little slice of the kinds of patterns InterVillain generates...

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