Artwork in Many Forms

I mostly create virtual artwork now (computer generated, digital files) but I used to be a decent drawer, draftsman, painter and photographer. This section is an incomplete archive of my work on paper, canvas and film.

Real Art


Most of my photos on this site were taken on family vacations to scenic and interesting places. Lots of pretty shots in those as well as some miscellaneous ones.


Mostly abstract right now although I will be adding figure drawings when I can get a hold of them. There are some weird ones I drew with friends that are my personal favorites.


A mix of oils and acrylics, mostly from high school. I hope to get my hands on some things I painted when I was very young because they are some of my favorite pieces of art.

Virtual Art


A hacked up version of the popular computer role playing game Oblivion. My favorite aspect of the game is exploring the enormous world in which it takes place. My hacked version exploits various settings in the configuration file for the game and subverts the original gamplay in favor of my own twisted exploratory experience.


Paranoid Non-Reality uses JavaScript to control multiple windows and images within them.


Aquatic Cell Explosion is an interactive animation. Move your mouse around and look for possibly clickable objects. Have patience, explore with your mouse and you will be rewarded with new ways to controll the animation and new sections.


Ygdrasil is a programming language for Virtual Reality that I learned in school. I presently have one of my VR pieces documented and some images.


InterVillain is an algorithmic frequency generator and grapher programmed in Max/MSP. You control various parameters like high and low frequency constraints, speed, multiplier, color and more to create algorithmically generates sounds and images.